Offshore Wind Energy
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2021 – The Year When Offshore Wind Takes Off in The United States. An analysis of the drivers and forecast of offshore wind activity in the United States over the next decade.

This report presents our analysis and forecast of offshore wind development in the United States – and the business opportunities to be generated by investment in offshore wind projects.

First, we review the rapidly expanding global offshore wind market to set the context for the US offshore wind industry. Then we examine the key drivers pushing offshore wind growth in the US, identify the barriers to offshore wind projects, describe the role of federal and state players in offshore wind energy development, and assess the positioning strategy of key developers, investors and suppliers who are making US offshore wind a reality.

We finish with the core of the report -- a deep dive into

The 27.6GW project pipeline will require CAPEX of $87.5bn to bring onstream, a recurring annual OPEX of $2.8bn once delivered, and $12.5bn of DECEX at the end of commercial operations. We provide a roadmap to accessing these market opportunities.

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