Offshore Wind Energy
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2021 is the year for offshore wind in the U.S.

Get all the business intelligence you need for this $87.5bn U.S. opportunity - all in one place!

This new report, released in March 2021, brings you all the market drivers that will make 2021 the year to launch the US offshore wind industry and why it is destined to become a global top three market by the end of the decade.

The 170 page March 2021 report provides a totally independent and objective assessment of business opportunities in the future US offshore wind sector. In it we detail a dozen US offshore wind projects in the advanced development stage expected to go forward during the first half of this decade, an additional fifteen projects in the planning stage likely to move forward by the end of the decade, and six development areas that will provide the project activity in the 2030s. Quarterly updates, to be issued during the year, will track and assess developments in the sector as they occur.

Our focus is providing information and insight that companies need to:

The report, quarterly updates and accompanying datasets, prepared by professionals with wide experience in the offshore energy business, will be a useful reference source to companies at all levels of the offshore wind supply chain - infrastructure investors, manufacturers and fabricators, offshore vessel builders and operators, engineering firms, supply base operators, others.


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